Παρωδίες στo λογότυπo των Depeche Mode

Δεν είναι λίγοι αυτοί που τους επικρίνουν για 'κακή αισθητική', στα λογότυπα που επέλεξαν στα 'Playng The Angel', 'Wrong' και 'Sounds Of Universe'
'To me it looks like cigarettes in an ashtray...'
'It's really awful... Maybe the worst cover I have seen in DM history ever. I would have done that in PowerPoint (not eve Photoshop or something like that) in less than 5 minutes.'
'Wow, that really sucks. Anton's never been a typographic whiz, but... really? (...) Did Daniel Miller give the order to not even try or something?'



Playng The Angel:

Sounds Of Universe:


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